Welcome to Synthetopia – Organic Botanicals for the Modern World

Synthetopia is a unique Toronto studio specializing in BACH FLOWER REMEDIES.

Flower remedies are a form of natural healing that uses special flower preparations to balance emotions and promote well-being. Flower remedies can help you overcome negative patterns, adjust your feelings, and achieve greater harmony in your life. If you are you feeling stressed, anxious, angry, or experiencing emotions that are affecting your well-being, I can help find the right flower remedy for you.

Plants are powerful

Bach Flower Remedies offer first aid for your feelings. They are created from the energy of flowers and are based on the idea that each flower has a specific vibration that influences the human energy field. I’ve seen firsthand how flower-based remedies can aid in resolving issues. I launched Synthetopia so I could share my experience with a natural approach to health, and to offer clients personalized consultations and hand-mixed remedies.

Bach Flower Remedies are safe, gentle, and effective. Flower remedies are also safe and effective for your pets and animal companions. I specialize in the Bach Flower Remedy system, and create all of my mixtures with the original Bach Flowers tinctures. All of Synthetopia’s remedies and products are organic and 100%  vegan.

If you are ready to explore the benefits of flower remedies, book a consultation with me today. I look forward to helping you grow into your best self.


Bach Flower Remedies are a complementary therapy and not a replacement for professional medical care.

Please read: Flower Remedy Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Practitioner, JE Solo

I’m an Artist who has been using and learning about alternative healing therapies throughout my life. During the lock-downs, like many people, I put my time towards learning new skills and I got serious about studying alternative healing modalities. After exploratory research into herbalism, homeopathy, and natural medicine making, I found myself especially drawn to the flower remedies.

The subtle nature of flower remedies offers a gentle effect that makes perfect sense for working with emotional states. In 2021, I completed the Bach Flower Learning Programme at the Bach Educational resource, and earned certificates in Bach Flower Remedies and Herbalism under instructor Elizabeth Heck. I’m especially interested in the approach of lecturer, author, and Bach Flower expert, Julian Barnard.

I opened Synthetopia in 2024 to share what I know and to offer clients unique, personalized consultation services, and hand-mixed remedies. At Synthetopia, I specialize in the Bach Flower system and I prescribe and mix using the original Bach Flower tinctures. I also offer other Special Services as part of Synthetopia – with Tarot Card Readings, Rituals and Handmade Arts Objects.

I’m currently working in the studio to create a new series of products, including flower remedies made from plants that grow in Eastern Canada. The first of these, Wild Violet, is available now.