The Wild Violets are covering the ground, and yesterday (May Day) I gathered the flowers I needed to make a batch of mother tincture for Synthetopia’s Wild Violet Remedy.

Wild Violet is the first in Synthetopia’s series of handmade flower remedies, all created from plants that grow in the eastern regions of Canada. Synthetopia’s remedies are made in small batches, by hand, according to the methods designed by Dr. Edward Bach (of the Bach Flower remedy system).


Wild Violet is the first in a new series of flower remedies from Synthetopia.

Wild Violet is for those who need a mental rest, especially for those engaged in independent productivity, who are constantly adapting, or who are managing a family and/or community of people. Wild Violet brings a coolness, a calmness to the mind, promoting a sense of space, even in the noise of a crowd or the chaos of a hectic work day.

For: Those who are always in production mode; those who make room for others but not for themselves; for those who are constantly adapting and need a mental break.

Assists With: Overwhelm; feeling disconnected; production anxiety, stagnation.

Promotes: Peace in the mind, an expanding of mental space; calmness, a clean slate.

To order a bottle of Wild Violet, visit The Synthetopia Store.

About the Wild Violet

Wild Violet grows all over North America. It’s heart shaped leaves appear early in the year, announcing spring. The flowers emerge a few weeks later, covering the ground in small, purple/blue blooms. The flowers have five petals, with the inner throat of the flower being white. The flowers bloom for four to six weeks and then fade once temperatures rises in summer.

Wild Violet reproduces via seeds and rhizomes. They have a unique evolutionary trait where their seeds attract ants, who help with the dispersal of the seeds. Wild Violet grows in connected rosette shaped groups that form communities on the edges of forests, on roadside and fields, and on the floodplains. The flowers and leaves of the Wild Violet are edible.

As an herbal medicine, Wild Violet promotes lymphatic health, offers respiratory support, and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The leaves are mucilaginous, making it beneficial for sore throats and coughs.

Symbolically, Wild Violets represent new beginnings, new loves, and fresh starts. It has long been associated with love and affection, as well as being linked to intuition.