Bach Flower RemediesWhat are Flower Remedies?
Flower remedies are liquid extracts of plants that promote emotional balance.

Can Flower Remedies replace my regular medicines or medical care?
Flower Remedies do not replace your medicines or professional medical care. Flower remedies are a complementary therapy–one that works alongside of other traditional healthcare practices.

What flowers are used in the mixes?
Currently, my mixes are all made with Bach Flowers from England, and created according to the guidelines of The Bach Centre.

Are the remedies drops or pills?
The Remedies are drops, not pills.

Do Flower Remedies have side-effects?
Flower Remedies are fully natural and do not have any side-effects.

Do Flower Remedies contain alcohol?
Alcohol is used in the preparation of the mother tinctures and in the standard brandy-based remedies, but the amount in a single diluted dose is tiny.  If you have any worries or concerns, I would always advise that you talk to your doctor or midwife. My Flower Remedy mixes contain no added alcohol, but are mixed with very small amounts of mother tincture, which are made with brandy.

How long do you have to take them to get results?
This is different from person to person; in general you can see results after a few days; sometimes it takes longer, up to a few weeks.

How long before the bottles are delivered?
Shortly after your consultation the order will be shipped by post. You will receive an email with the details.

How can I pay?
Payments are accepted via E-Transfer and Paypal.

How long can I preserve a bottle?
If you keep the bottle in a dark and cool place it will stay preservable up to a year.

What are the differences between your bottles and the ones in the store?
My remedies have customized mixtures of different Flower Remedies. The ones you get in the shop are usually made from one specific Bach Flower Remedy. My bottles contain more than one individual Bach Flower Remedy.

Flower remedies are First Aid for your feelings

How long does 1 bottle last?
On a dosage of 4 drops X 6 doses a day, one bottle will last a month.

Are there any side-effects?
Flower Remedies do not cause side-effects.

Can I take different Flower Remedy mixes together?
Yes, you can take two different Flower Remedy mixes at a time.

Can I combine Flower Remedies with normal medication?
Yes, you can combine Flower Remedies with normal medication.

How do you administer Flower Remedies to animals?
There are different ways to give the drops to your pets, all of which are effective:
• Put the drops in their drinking water
• Mix the drops in their food
• Put the drops on a treat that they love
• Rub the remedy on their nose, ears, or temples.